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Total Eclipse of the HEart

Amazing Scene

http://www.snopes. com/photos/ natural/awesomer ock.asp

Your Heart is your Love,
Your love is your Family,
Your family is your Future,
Your future is your Destiny ,
Your destiny is your Ambition,
Your ambition is your Aspiration,
Your aspiration is your Motivation,
Your motivation is your Belief,
Your belief is your Peace,
Your peace is your Target,
Your target is Heaven,
Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS
It’s ‘ World Best Friends Week’ share this blog to all your good friends if u can.

Mango is a tropical fruit known for the sweet juicy taste, but this fruit also offers another benefit. Mango will boost your metabolism so that you burn more calories and fat, and it is so sweet it tastes like a dessert. Mango is a rich source of vitamin C, phosphorus, and vitamin B12, and also has protein and fiber. Mango may be a small fruit, but it packs a big nutritional punch, and gives you vitamins and minerals your metabolism needs for healthy optimal functioning.

The tropical fruit is called the “King of Fruits” in India. The tree has been around for more than 4000 years in India and was taken to South America by the Portugese, other parts of South Asia by Indians and to other tropical regions by others. There are about 35 species of Mango and most of them grow to a height of 10 to 40m.In addition to providing a delicious fruit, the unripe mango is used in curries, chutneys and salads, and the seed kernels, seed fat, bark, gum and the wood are useful.

I  pray this works for you

Can you find Jesus in this picture?
Look hard!  
When you find his face send to 9 people
and he will do something good for you and your family!
You have 5 minutes!

Sex is….
“Duty” – if done with your Wife
“Art” – if done with your Lover
“Education” – if done with a Virgin
“Social Work” – if done with a Divorce 
“Meditative Trance”, if done by yourself
  So Stop feeling guilty,
What ever it may be……….