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Be Okay With Not Being a God butterfly.gif
Basic logic can take some strange turns in the minds of individuals with very poor self-esteem, as noted above several times. Another strange twist of logic can sometimes lead to the distressing demand on self that, short of omniscience and omnipotence (all knowing and all powerful), nothing is good enough when it comes to one’s own performance in life. This is an extremely silly thing to do to one’s self and it often takes someone else pointing it out.

I dont know what to write,
but all I wana say
I am missing you today…
I know you too are
you are close to me
so close
but yet so far..
thinking of you,
once again
tears roll down my cheeks
I am missing you
today I wanted to meet
but no
I will not return
this pain is mine
and forever I’ll burn..
but still weeping inside silently
keeping away from this world
I want to say to wish you
the best in ur life…
I know
GOD has been so harsh to me..
he gave me you…
and then took u away…
no I dont complain even to you..
I just wanted to say

Ms. Philippines Ma. Venus Raj Performance in Ms. Universe 2010