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How To Draw A Rose

Simple Method For Drawing a Rose 

As with most of my drawings I like to keep things as simple as possible, at least initially – any drawing or cartoon should be started with simple easily repeatable shapes and forms, any detail being added later. No matter if I am creating a small cartoon character or a 20″ x 30″ portrait, I always start with simple shapes drawn lightly in pencil.

Firstly we should find a subject to draw, in this case I found some stock photos of roses. Feel free to use these images to practice your drawings.

As we can see in the above three photos, we have two angles: firstly from the side, and secondly looking down on the petals from above. In this article we will attempt to draw both as simply as possible, but first we need to understand the construction of a rose.

As can be seen in the second photo above, the rough shape of a rose is a 5 sided pentagon. This is because there are normally 5 large overlapping petals at the outside. The petals continue to overlap closer and tighter towards the middle of the flower.

Nutrients in Sea Salt

By an eHow Contributor

Sea salt is formed from the natural evaporation of ocean water. Many say that sea salt is tastier than table salt. Sea salt is actually less salty than table salt. It is also used for cosmetic purposes in facial and body scrubs, bath tub soaks and skin care treatments.


  1. Sea salt has been used throughout history as a healing agent. When its healthy components are mixed with filtered water they have many benefits for individuals ranging from soothing muscles, promoting soft skin and preventing dry coughs.
  2. Significance

  3. Natural salt is an essential part of any diet. Sea salt contains more than 100 minerals from 80 chemical elements that could never be reproduced in a laboratory because of its complex structure.
  4. Sodium Chloride

  5. Sea salt is 98 percent sodium chloride. This mineral is needed to generate nerve and muscle impulses and to help regulate fluid balance in the body.
  6. Minerals

  7. The other two percent of sea salt’s composition consists of magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium.
  8. Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

  9. Table salt is cleaned, bleached and treated with anti-caking agents; this processing removes its minerals. Sea salt is hand harvested, allowing it to keep it healthy minerals and properties


  • Salt helps prevent muscle cramps, it is a natural hypnotic, it is vital in preventing gout and it is a needed element for diabetics. Salt could very possibly be the spice of life.

    Older Women Make Good Lovers

    When you are in sales you always meet women. Some are ok but others really get your attention. I was making a sales call at this one particular company one day on my route. I was showing some of my line when she came up behind me as I was showing my products to the other women in the office. She put her hand on my shoulder to lean in and see the catalog. There was something in the touch that got my attention. As I would drop by each week we would chit chat and as every week pass by we would talk longer. We both could tell the other was definitely interested in the other.

    We decided to meet one Friday at a hotel in a town in between the towns we lived in. After we checked in she went into the bathroom to freshen up so I pulled down the covers on the bed. When she came out she was looking mighty fucking hot in her matching bra and panties. I had already laid down and got comfortable. So she crawled onto the bed and starting kissing me and rubbing her hands all over. She started unbuttoning my shirt and kissing her way down my stomach. Then she undid my pants and pulled them off and then she pulled my briefs off and my cock was in full view. She started to lick the head and slowly took it in her mouth and began to suck it slowly and working it in and out her mouth. I was about ready to blow as she let it slip out and she sat up and undid her bra and let it fall to expose her beautiful full 38d tits.

    Then she stood up to pull off her panties and I could see for the first time her gorgeous trimmed pussy. She crawled back on the bed like a lioness stalking her prey. She sucked and licked my cock again for just a moment to make sure I was ready for my prize. She moved on up to straddled me and as she guided my cock to her dripping wet pussy I could feel the heat of her hot box. She slowly slid down on my cock and gently begin to ride it. As our bodies begin to work together she started to moan, low at first but as wave upon wave of pleasure hit she got louder and louder until her moans were echoing off the walls. She rode me harder and harder until she was cumming and her juices were flowing over my dick and running down my balls. I moved her off of me and told her to get on all fours and I began to fuck her from behind. I took my eight inch cock and put it in her hot dripping pussy and I grabbed her on both sides of her ass and thrust my cock in to the hilt, as I did she screamed from the pleasure of my dick hitting the back of her cunt. I then began to slowly long dick the shit out of her and then I picked up the pace and begin to give her one helluva fucking that she started yelling and telling me to fuck her harder. She was saying to me; “fuck me you big dick bastard” “give me that fat cock, give it to me good”. As I felt my load starting to swell up and I told her I was cumming and she quickly spun around and took my cock back in her mouth and started sucking until I had all I could stand and I blew my load into her mouth.

    I came so hard that she could not hold it all in her mouth and it ran out one side onto her big fucking tits. She took my dick and smeared it on her chest to pick up what had spilt out and she suck it off the head of my prick. Then we just fell onto the bed and rested until we were ready to go again which was about four more times until we both had to get home. We met several other times and spent a few nights together on a wild weekend but I’ll share those with you later on.

    Patrick Stewart


    Chris Daughtry

    If kisses were water, I’d give you a sea.
    If hugs were leaves, I’d give you a tree.
    If LIFE was a planet, I’d give you a galaxy.
    If friendship was life, I’d give you mine.

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