How To Draw A Rose

Simple Method For Drawing a Rose 

As with most of my drawings I like to keep things as simple as possible, at least initially – any drawing or cartoon should be started with simple easily repeatable shapes and forms, any detail being added later. No matter if I am creating a small cartoon character or a 20″ x 30″ portrait, I always start with simple shapes drawn lightly in pencil.

Firstly we should find a subject to draw, in this case I found some stock photos of roses. Feel free to use these images to practice your drawings.

As we can see in the above three photos, we have two angles: firstly from the side, and secondly looking down on the petals from above. In this article we will attempt to draw both as simply as possible, but first we need to understand the construction of a rose.

As can be seen in the second photo above, the rough shape of a rose is a 5 sided pentagon. This is because there are normally 5 large overlapping petals at the outside. The petals continue to overlap closer and tighter towards the middle of the flower.