Style tips for big breasted women

Answers to frequently asked questions

By Vicki McCrary

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), there were approximately 365,000 breast augmentation procedures performed during 2005. During the same period, however, over 160,000 women chose to reduce their breast size through cosmetic surgery. While many women choose breast reduction procedures for cosmetic reasons, others do so when recommended by their doctor (though there is a battle going on between American consumers and health insurance companies over who should pay for these procedures). These are not very big numbers in a country of over 300 million people and I am confident that getting a proper bra fitting will sharply reduce breast reduction surgeries for women who love what they have but are forced to undergo surgery because of making poor choices or for being poorly informed (disclaimer: please consult your doctor before making any decisions – this is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice).   Myths about women with large breasts

There are many wrong ideas about women like me and I want to take the opportunity to dispel them:

  • There are many thin women (petite or tall) that are naturally large breasted.
  • If a slim woman has a large chest, it does not mean you can conclude that she has breast implants. And of course, not all women that have implants are thin either.
  • While some large-breasted women don’t like their breasts and want a reduction, it does not mean that all large breasted women are that way. Well there are many of us large breasted women – thin or thick – that love who we are and what we have.
  • The idea that if a woman is petite and slender she is automatically small breasted is so untrue. Slender doesn’t mean small breasted anymore than thick means big breasted.

So if you are a woman like me who has a chest to be proud of, here are some tips on common problems faced by us.

I feel pain. My breasts are sagging

Many women experience pain from large breasts because they are wearing the wrong size bra. Many women don’t even know that not all A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s. etc. are the same. For example, a 34C is not the same size as a 36C but they will buy any bra that says C cup because that’s what they think they are, and then wonder why it doesn’t fit right and why it’s so uncomfortable. Plus, a 36C bra from one brand is not exactly the same as from another brand.

Another thing; bra straps are not the support of the bra – the sling part with the cups and hooks (foundation) is the support. The straps are there to raise the breasts.  Many women use the straps as support which causes back pain and grooves in their shoulders.

So what is the solution. You need to get a professional bra fitting. If the bra band rides up in the back, the bra band is too big and you need to go down one size. If your breasts are bulging out of the sides and on top, you need to go up one size. These a two examples of a bra that doesn’t fit correctly. Most department stores and lingerie shops will have someone who can tell you your correct size. Here is a tip. To get your correct bra measurement, if you can, it is better to go to store like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom (if available) – it does not cost you anything. They have well-trained staff and excellent customer service. While they also carry a huge selection of bras, you do not have to shop there. I also don’t recommend Victoria’s Secret at all; they are poor at bra fittings and more interested in making a sale than making sure the bra actually fits. It is extremely important to measure your correct bra size and if you are not happy the first time, try another fitting. Smaller framed women many times are mismeasured. I was once measured at a 34C when really I was a 32D.

I get unwanted attention from men

We have to accept the fact that men are visual creatures. If you are wearing a form-fitting top, men are going to notice. You can’t pick and choose which guy should notice and which shouldn’t. I personally don’t care; I dress in the tops I like, I don’t care who notices. But if you do not enjoy the attention, then dress accordingly – loose tops and even dark colors (dark colors are concealing), wear a jacket, use a scarf, etc. I know that some bosoms simply can’t be hidden because of their size, and I am not knocking out form fitting at all – I wear form-fitting too. However I don’t have a problem with men looking.  I’m a woman and I have breasts; they are going to look. 

I can’t find good clothes for myself

Indeed, sometimes that can be a problem, especially if the band size is small but the breasts are very large, as is the case for Tyra Banks (She has even complained, “I would love for them to be a size and a half smaller.”).  Some sizes for which it is difficult to find good-fitting clothes are: 28 (D, DD, and E), 30 (D, DD, E, and F), and 32 (D, DD, E, and F). These women are going to have difficulty because their chest circumference is very tiny but their cup size is very large. Many a times, if it fits on the shoulders, it won’t go down over the breasts, and if it is big in the chest area – it may be too large in the shoulders.

Also bras for these women are impossible to find in the stores in the US. Believe it or not, but stores that carry many of these sizes are not only based overseas they are also expensive. We clearly need more local stores for the well endowed women with small band sizes.  So if you are having difficulty finding your correct bra, check out the websites that I like (Fig Leaves, Bravissimo, and Under Cover Experience). These cater to women that have a small band size and large breasts. I love Bravissimo in particular, because they have bra size swim tops and bra size tank and halter tops, where an unlined bra is built in, no straps needed. I just wish there were stores like this based in the US or shipping from overseas were not so expensive. One of these days I will be buying my bras off the rack, because bra companies will be including us in their marketing.