The secret to learning love is not to find a true lover, it is to practice loving.

Love unites all the good virtues of a person, so how can you say you love me if you are being rude?

The secret to make people love you is to show them that you are abundant of love.

The secret of love is that it should not be made a secret.

The secret to love yourself is to keep yourself away from selfishness.

Love is not just trusting; it is more on being trustworthy.

Love is not all about saying sorry; it is more on preventing actions that will cause you to say sorry.

If you are a material person, how can you believe in love, which is a spiritual thing?

Love is not actually blind; it’s only bright beyond the naked eyes.

Love is conditional; the only condition is to continue on loving.

Love does not give absolute freedom; it is a slave of kindness and righteousness.

Pride dwindles love, while humility makes love abound.

The law of love is the father of all good laws.

Love is the oldest subject everyone has not yet able to learn.

Love is the power of God; now God wants us to have that power.

Love without knowing isn’t love, because love is the answer.

Love is a practice everyone should be practicing in all of his life.

Love is the one thing you must do before you die.

Love helps us, but we must also help love. For love to work, we need to work with love.

Love is not saying I miss you. Love is being with you.