Remember, always wash your hands before eating, after going to the toilet and after cleaning or touching animals like cats or dogs. And don’t forget to moisturize afterward. It might seem pointless, but it’s great for your hands.
If you can, use cuticle cream everyday. Again, you can also use lip balm. It really does make a difference to your nails, and it’s totally worth the extra bother.
Make sure you always have nail polish remover and cotton buds while painting nails to quickly fix any mistakes.
A hand model trick is to slather your hands in moisturizer and then coat them with a layer of Vaseline on top. Then put on a pair of light cotton gloves to sleep in.
Nail art is great fun, so get your creative cap on and start experimenting. Even just painting a star or stripe on each thumb can make a world of difference to a boring manicure.
Don’t ever clip too low, it will hurt!
Apply sunscreen to your hands,and the rest of your body everyday.
You can wear bracelets and rings to define your beautiful hands.
What you can also do are apply garlic on nails and cuticle, then you’ll see a big difference.
French manicures look amazing on your hands.