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How to Avoid Damaged Women
By jagmarcoux
This is a touchy topic. You must all know at least one guy whether you be male or female that has had a bad relationship with a woman. I have had a few, I’m sure you have and maybe people you know have gone through the same thing. I’ll be writing a topic later on the same situation geared for my women friends out there, but today, it’s for the guys. Don’t get me wrong, I have women friends, and two sisters who have been through situations of crazy women in their boyfriend’s lives, so they can relate to what I’m writing about.. (Nancy, you remember when you first started dating Shaun and the trouble pyscho Lily was giving you?) lolol..I’m sure she is chuckling right now. Love you little sis!

There is a great document that I found about two years ago that actually helped me avoid future bad realtionships, called how to avoid the damaged women guide. It was an eye opener for me and helped me weed out the bad ones, especially the ones that I met on Internet dating sites. I recommended it to three of my male friends and my sister got a copy too!! I also highly recommend it to all the guys and gals out there who know of crazies like these affecting their fathers, brothers, friends, etc.

Men, sometimes you really to to put aside the physical aspects and see through that varnished artifical armour to see through the real insecure, clingy person beneath. A really damaged woman can affect all areas of your life. She can ruin your career, drain your bank account, make accusations that land you on abuse registries or with domestic violence charges, or damage your children emotionally. She can plaster your face on websites and fliers alleging all sorts of behavior you never did. She can stalk you, your friends, your family, or your children. She can slash your tires, get your fired from your job, or sleep with your friends.

You want to meet the women of your dreams, start by weeding out the bad ones and this will take you to the right one!

Salad Fixing Ideas to Liven Up Your Meal
by Saurabh
Wed Mar 04, 2009

Whenever you are fixing a salad, there are always a few ingredients that instantly come to mind. There is really no helping it, you will either think of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. You are possibly thinking of cheese and your favorite dressing too, but in any case, all of those ingredients are already too cliché. You can be very creative when it comes to salads too, and we get to explore other salad fixing ideas through this article.

When you go visit your favorite salad bar, I bet the first thing you will see is the lettuce section. As a matter of fact, creativity starts with this basic ingredient among salads. Chances are that the salad bar you frequent will contain other types of lettuce. Instead of choosing the one you like, try mixing them all up. The taste difference can be subtle, but this is where it all starts.

Next, try adding more of those vibrant colored vegetables into your salad. If you think about it, vegetables with different colors not only act as a decoration to your meal but can be very appetizing as well. Carrots and peppers look nice in a salad, or opt in for some “bloom” by adding in broccolis, cauliflowers or mushrooms too.

Most vegetables used in stir fry are also perfect as salad fixings. Zucchinis and baby ears of corn are perfect examples. Most people don’t even think about adding these ingredients for a salad, but actually they contribute a great deal of flavor if added into the mix.

All in all, a salad can be fixed with just about any vegetable you can think of. There is a reason why salads are considered to be very healthy meals, and are used frequently by those who are in diet or watching their weights. Just think about the nutritional value of each salad serving, especially when you add all the fixings just mentioned above.

It is not only vegetables that add nutritional value to a salad. For a really well rounded meal, you can also add fruit into the mix. Most salad bars contain apples, pineapples and bananas. Other than these, there are also a couple of berry types you can use. Dried fruits like raisins or prunes add a lot of flavor to the mix. Generally, fruits are sweet and can really satisfy your palate. They add a lot of vitamins and minerals too, which means you’re adding more nutrition to your meal besides those from the vegetables.

Lastly, it’s worth considering also those toppings you see at the end of the salad bar line. Seeds, nuts and meat bits populate this area and instead of just going with the conventional cheese, why not add these ingredients too? You’ll be surprised at how much flavor they can contribute to your salad. The trick is just to experiment, and you’ll soon have your new favorites at the end of the meal.

In summary, when it comes to salad fixings, the sky is really the limit to how much experiment you can do. It’s hard to break a tried and tested recipe, but as you try new things you might have never imagined eating in a salad, you’ll soon find the new ingredients worth the taste too. Give those neglected fixings a chance, it’s really much better and more fun that way.

Author : Letty Velasco