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Foods reduce and eliminate of bad breath

Lemon; Try to suck the lemon slices, or biting edge of the lemon. If you are in restaurants, can order water with lemon in it, or lemon tea. For the times of urgency, with candy lemon-flavored can also help, plus more portable.
Apples, pears, and carrots; These foods are rich in fiber, plus chewing these foods will help mouth produce saliva. Both of these will create a kind of cleansing the mouth.
Crispy seasoning; For more exotic solutions, try searching for cardamom, coriander, or fennel seeds, commonly sold in places where the sale of spices. Chewing spices were going to remove the oil to neutralize bad breath.
Leaves of mint or cinnamon sticks; These materials can help neutralize the unpleasant odor of onions and garlic. Plus, oil of cinnamon can kill bacteria in the mouth so as not to grow more. Cinnamon or mint gum as effective. If you are lovers of chewing gum, choose a sense of mint chewing gum containing xylitol to reduce the risk of cavities and refreshes the breath.
Berry fruit and yogurt; If you can not get through the day without eating foods that can trigger bad breath smell, eat for prevention, which is better than trying to eliminate the smell that was overpowering. Eating half a cup of plain yogurt, sugar free, low in fat and can reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide odors that cause bad breath. Berries, as well as melons, oranges and other fruits that contain vitamin C, also can reduce oral bacteria that smell. Start each day with a fruit yogurt provided as a complement.

Bad breath can be triggered by various factors, one is from foods. Food can not only cause bad breath, but also can help eliminate the odor. Bad breath or halitosis, is caused by various reasons such as eating certain foods, smoking, gum disease, dry mouth and oral bacteria.

The Benefits of Selling Sterling Silverware
Posted: Aug 20, 2011

Silver is used for a lot of things, such as to make currencies. That being said, a lot of people actually have silver in the form of silverware that they use for dining purposes. Well, it just so happens that the sterling silverware that people have can be used in order to make a good amount of money. Want to know more? This article will discuss why you should Sell your sterling silver today and rake in the cash like never before!

So, why should you Sell your sterling silver? Well, when one looks at the way the world is today it’s obvious that silver is very valuable. Because of the state of the economy precious metals, such as silver, have become a hot commodity. People are looking to invest in materials instead of companies and since so many people are trying to do that the value or precious metals has skyrocketed. That being said, people can make a lot of money right now by selling their sterling silverware since the price is definitely right!

Why should you Sell your sterling silver right now and not later? Timing is everything when it comes to selling something and getting the most for it. As already stated, the global economy is suffering right now and so a lot of people are investing in precious metals like silver. However, once the economy starts to rebound the price of silver is going to drastically go down. That means that people have to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to make a lot of money on sterling silverware that is just sitting around the house and taking up space!

Where can you go to Sell your sterling silver? Going to a pawn shop is just not the way to go because a person will only get a fraction of what it’s worth. Instead, you should sell them on the online market where a person can get what they’re worth as investors look to invest in the precious metal. There are plenty of websites that can help out with the process and so there is no excuse to not take advantage of this amazing opportunity right now!