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Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, and Other Beauties Heat Up Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue
By Lizbeth Scordo
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No, I am NOT bald !

Man who does not deserve good day. But those who do it for duty, may be with a handshake too bureaucratic and cold. Those who enjoy a little time, because they are too anxious to rest, will never know what it’s like a mad woman of pleasure, having a mini stroke uterus, delivered in the most profound, intense and true. Those who really give themselves to this art-based humility and deserve the sky, land and sea and a thatched cottage. They deserve to be forgiven, blessed, massaged, idolized. Those who still mourn the make, size horny, deserve our toothbrush, lavemos deserve to dishes, they deserve accept disappearances in the carnival and they deserve until they liberate other parties. A man who really knows how to suck a woman does not need a car, money, style, beach house or collection of Proust on the headboard. The Vice Guide to Sucking Pussy is the best writing about sex I’ve ever read in my life. If women’s magazines so they could talk about sex, the world would be infinitely less annoying. Below are some topics of the text:

1) Short
Do nothing if not the end. Unlike a blowjob, suck a pussy can never be done as a favor.

2) Do not let the fountain dry
A dry pussy is a pussy sad. If your fingers found a dry, go back to kissing and hugging for a while.

3) Mission submarine
Once it is foaming, it’s time to descend. Keep your fingers away from there and not touch anything for now.

4) dividing the Red Sea
Prepare the battlefield. Pubes are for a blowjob which cavities are to dental hygiene.

5) The triumphal entry
Add the first lap slowly. It is good to moan too – shows you are enjoying and have direct audible vibrations inside.

6) Shake the boat
Suck pussy is so tricky that can make you feel a little queer. If you’re tired of playing the dancer, go straight to the point. Discover how much action can stand her clitoris without letting her uncomfortable and show who is the commander.

7) Identifying the type of clitoris
After calmly lick, it’s time to start the party. There are two types of clitoris: those who enjoy a strong grip and what not. The latter is as bad as a stick with two inches, then you should leak soon.

8a) Clitoris who need a good deal
These are the coolest, because you can be creative. Pretend your tongue is the bad cop and the clitoris is the killer of his partner.

8b) than Clitoris
Some clitoris do not want to be separated and beaten. These are the most boring and need to be treated kindly. In this case, banque St. Bernard to enjoy it. Simple as that.

9) The conclusion
Once you’re done (full service), they want you out of there on time because that region is very sensitive. Instead of leaving, put his tongue out and lick it like a soggy carpet and thick.

Women’s Shoe Sizes Conversion Chart

The 7 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys
By Chris Williamson

Have you ever wondered why THAT guy always seems to get the girls? He’s brash, cocky and he marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s on (or over) the edge, bordering on rude and doesn’t seem to give a damn about anyone but himself – what exactly do women see in a guy like that?

You consider yourself outgoing, but conservative; interesting but a little shy; you can keep a conversation going, but with the right people… sounds good doesn’t it? Why do the bad boys always seem to get the ladies? Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Rebels are confident

That’s right. They wouldn’t be able to pull off half of the antics they do if they weren’t brimming with confidence. Bad boys aren’t just confident around their friends, either – their cavalier attitude is in everything they do, from eating their cereal in the morning, to asking the bartender for a cool glass of draft… to talking to the ladies on the balcony at a friend’s party. No matter where you look, women find confidence a major turn on.

2. Rebels are indifferent

Bad boys just simply don’t give a damn. They can take it or leave it. That’s one reason why they fare well with women. If a woman says no, who cares? They move on to the next one, and they do it with the same verve and maverick attitude as they did the last one. Here is a great quote, “Mr. Right doesn’t necessarily care if he is Mr. Right.” That’s indifference in a nutshell.

3. Rebels are exciting and adventurous

Ask yourself, “when was the last time I took a walk on the wild side?” If you are asking yourself that question, then you obviously aren’t a rebel. The ‘bad boys’ are always testing the boundaries and pushing the envelope when it comes to their life – and women can’t get enough of it. They find it intriguing. And when you put exciting and adventurous beside the other rebellious traits, it sends women into a tizzy.

4. Rebels are challenging and mysterious

Women don’t dig men that are pushovers. They also don’t like men that they can see coming a mile away. Contrary to the belief women like men they can read and men that provide them with a sense of security, women actually LOVE to guess! It is challenging for them, and it is one of the elements of the bad boy that keeps them coming back for more!

5. Rebels are very masculine

This often goes hand-in-hand with being confident, indifferent, exciting, adventurous… etc. Bad boys are often rugged and in-control. That doesn’t mean controlling; they just know how to get what they want. They speak clearly and confidently, they look you in the eye, they are passionate about what they believe in… but most importantly, they still know how to treat a lady.

6. Rebels give women a feeling of power

The illusion of control is often more powerful than control itself. Power within a relationship, power outside of a relationship – it doesn’t matter – being with a bad boy, encompassing all of the above traits, gives women an air of strength and togetherness. Essentially the confident, cocky bad boy image rubs off a little bit on her – and she laps it up!

7. Rebels know how to talk to women

If they weren’t confident, rebels would not be the chick magnets they are. Instead of indifferent, they would be self-conscious and non-committal (how many women have you passed up because you didn’t think you were good enough?) – you see, rebels don’t care. Rising to the challenge, living the wild side of life, being something more than conservative, and keeping her guessing about you – and her – it’s an explosive combination! And one that is geared to success for the dating male.

The combination makes the talking part almost a given – considering the woman’s interest has already been sparked. Talking with them is just the part that reels them in. And the bad boy knows how to tell her just what she wants to hear.

Rebels know how to talk to women because they are all of the above. Confidence followed up with indifference, sprinkled with a little bit of mystery, intrigue and excitement is what attracts most women to start. That gets you the ‘in’ to talk with them – they’re interested, now you have to show them what you’ve got. Figuring those things out is the trick. Bad boys use their conversational skills to keep a woman interested and wanting more – and you can too.

Author’s Bio
Chris Williamson shows you exactly how to talk to women so they find you totally irresistible.

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